Styling tips for long hair

Busy lifestyles require a hair style that is both, easy to maintain and good looking. There are many simple and popular options available for long hair.

Soft curly hair look really hot with a wispy and long fringe. Trends can sweep in and out and yet the fringe is an all-time classic, thanks to its versatility. The 1920ís had fringed bobs, the 1960ís had wonky fringes inspired by Vidal Sassoon and in 2011 fuzzy fringes are back.

Sleek strands are an effortless choice to accentuate your faceís features. A bit more time consuming but frisky and youthful are side plaits. They are timeless as opposed to a trend in its own right and are amongst Naomiís favourite styles.

A simple style for every occasion is the classic French twist. It looks natural, elegant and can be done in many ways.

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Video about how to quickly create a French twist.

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