Naomi's Favourites: Fashion, hair styling & trends

Naomi likesFashion Trends - this blog about fashion and hair styling trends is a good source of inspiration.

Naomi likesThe Sartorialist - the streets of New York. A blog about the place Naomi likes the most.

Naomi likesHair salon - this nice little iPhone app lets you create looks with your phone.

Naomi likesHair styling videos - this video blog gives valuable tips about hair styling.

Naomi likesStreetPeeper - is probably the best street wear fashion blog out there. With daily posts from street fashion around the globe.

Naomi likesL'Oreal Majirel - this coloring product lasts long and comes in many variations. We have it in regular use at Hive.

Naomi likesGood Hair - this witty documentary featuring Chris Rock gives great insights into hair styling in the US.

Naomi likesCatwalkQueen - the ultimate blog for everyone who loves fashion and wants to stay on top of trends. CatwalkQueen has it all.

Naomi likesKerastase Shampoo - this shampoo is a bit more expensive but very different to ordinary shampoos. I personally used it for its moisturizing effect.